Rebate Dollars

Rebate Dollars (formerly called Bonus Travel Dollars) are designed to pay most, if not all, of your travel expenses to each IJO Conference that you attend. They are intended to help increase the attendance at IJO Conferences, and you must attend a Confernce to collect your check (see #4 below).

Rebate Dollars are an additional reward from IJO -- our way of saying “thank you” for your continued support and for coming to our Shows.


  1. Rebate Dollars are accumulated on all purchases from the IJO member vendorss whether made at IJO Shows, other trade shows, by mail or phone order, or through an IJO vendor field salesperson (IJO Service Companies excluded).
  2. Rebate Dollars accumulate as a result of reports of your purchases from IJO vendors. There are two buying periods, January 1 through May 31 (Rebate Dollars check given at IJO Fall Conference), and June 1 through December 31 (Rebate Dollars check given at IJO Spring Conference).
  3. Rebate Dollar checks, payable to your store, are accompanied by a computer-generated Rebate Dollar report showing exactly what has been reported to IJO and include: name of each vendor, dates of purchase, invoice numbers, dollar amounts of each purchase plus the amount of Rebate Dollars earned for each purchase.
  4. Rebate Dollars will be held in your store's account for a period of twelve full months. (Not attending at least one show per year will result in Rebate Dollar forfeiture.)
  5. Please note: To be eligible to receive Rebate Dollars you must be in good standing with all IJO vendors. If a member is delinquent with IJO vendors, Rebate Dollars will be held until all accounts are current.
  6. Rebate Dollar payment checks represent between 1-3% of your net* purchases from IJO vendors. (*Not including discounts, shipping, handling or other charges.)

Receiving Rebate Dollars make it easy and inexpensive for you to attend an IJO Conference each season. How much you get back is solely dependent on how much you buy through IJO's Buying Group. In essence, IJO literally pays you to come to our Conferences!