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Eligible retail stores mayjoin for only $695, which will cover the remainder of this year and all of next year. This will give new members the opportunity to fully understand the value of IJO membership before renewing at the regular amount.  In order to make it effortless for new members to attend their first IJO Conference we shall provide one FREE round-trip airline ticket to the host city (or reimburse driving expense up to the cost of one airline ticket) and FOUR FREE hotel room nights at the host hotel (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday) as well as waive any registration fees.
Annual IJO membership dues for regular members are $1,395, with a $100 discount if membership is renewed by December 15th. Members can receive up to $500 back in co-op money by using the Master IJO Jeweler logo in any form of advertising.
Your only obligation to the Independent Jewelers Organization is:
Attend the upcoming conference after your acceptance as an IJO member and at least one IJO Conference per year, if possible;
After looking at our Buying Group, meet our new member minimum purchase requirement of just $35,000 by the second June 30th after your join date, and an amount based on store volume each year thereafter;
Pay our suppliers promptly according to their terms.

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