Our Code of Conduct was developed by the IJO Board of Directors. It's purpose is to serve as a set of guidelines, to provide a bit of structure regarding membership in IJO and to communicate what being a member, both retailer and vendor, within the IJO organization stands for. 

IJO Code of Conduct
  • Deceptive business practices with concerns to representing jewelry and discount pricing is unacceptable.
  • An IJO member should strive to be a pillar within its community.
  • We will promote continuing education within our stores in order to be the most knowledgeable jeweler within our community.
  • Confidential information concerning IJO and its members, both retail and vendor, is considered to be confidential and proprietary and should be treated as such.
  • IJO retailers and vendors will conduct themselves in a professional manner when attending tradeshows and industry related events.
  • We will endeavor to help in the mission of the IJO to establish it as the premier-buying group in the industry.
  • When open-to-buy occurs, we will look to the IJO vendors as first option for our purchases.
  • Open lines of communication must exist between retailers and vendors to resolve any issues that might arise.
  • We as retailers will respect the terms and agreements set forth with IJO and its vendors.
  • IJO vendors will give its retail members their best price on purchases within the IJO buying group.
  • All copyrights on organizational and vendor materials will be honored.